Just as I did when I was a wedding planner, I charge a flat rate for my service.  This rate is a sliding scale based on how long you will be spending in Paris.  Roughly speaking it would cost $200 per day (AU$) for my unique offerings.

So if you are looking for a Curated travel plan for a 3 days stay in Paris  – I would charge approximately $600.  For this, you would receive an individualised program for your Paris discovery journey.  This is no cookie-cutter approach, your Paris will be different to mine.  You will be drawn to experiences and I will be led by what you tell me.  Together we will produce a beautiful holiday that reflects you but in a Paris way.  

The next step is to email me and we can set up a time to discuss your ideas.   I can then explain what I would be able to offer you and just how my services will improve your Paris experience.  This is the way to travel.  Feel it - don't just see it.

Thank you for your time.  

EMAIL - clare@alwaysparis.com.au


*For those outside of Australia, we can arrange suitable times to discuss this via Skype or Facetime