Your Paris Days


Getting a rhythm to your Paris days is part of the art of travelling well. There are some special times to punctuate in Paris.


L'Heure Verte

the green hour

Between the hours of 5-7pm is what the french call l'heure Verte.  This is the time of day that they stop and catch up with friends and lovers in cafes. 

L'Heure Bleue
the blue hour

That time of day between sunset and twilight and dawn and sunrise.  When the Paris light is so soft and kind.  There is no better time of day to sit by the banks of the Seine and marvel at this city.  The Parisian perfumer Jacques Guerlain created a beautiful scent back in 1912 called L’Heure Blue.  It smells like vanilla, almonds, tuberose and jasmine. 

La Nuit

the night

In this City of Light, the night won’t feel like night until about 10pm in summer but much earlier in winter.  It is time to look up and at 11pm the Tour Eiffel will sparkle and dance just for you on the hour for five minutes.  It’s romantic because it is so optimistic to end the day on such a high note. It’s Paris’ big kiss good night.